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Posted on 21 October 2010

Hill Park Medical Center for Acupuncture and Chinese MedicineIt is our pleasure to welcome you to Hill Park Medical Center.

For over twenty years the practitioners at Hill Park Medical Center have been providing a unique blend of medical care which combines the best of western and alternative medicine. This is called integrative medicine. By paying careful attention to the body, mind and spirit we strive to provide each person with medical care that looks beyond “band-aid medicine” to the roots of health and healing.

At Hill Park Medical Center we take time to get to know each patient. Your appointments are never rushed, the doctors return your calls, and the office staff knows you by name. Our comprehensive style of health care allows us to come up with solutions that are easily missed in the world of protocol and time driven medicine.

We pride ourselves on excellence in both care and service.

On December 10, 2011, we opened a new office in downtown Sebastopol. Click here for more information.

Hill Park West Medical Center
435 Petaluma Ave. Suite 150
Sebastopol, Ca 95472
(707) 861-7300

Integrative Health Care at its Best

Integrative Medical Care combines a careful blending of conventional medicine with selected complementary and alternative therapies. At Hill Park Medical Center we pay careful attention to mind, body, emotions, spirit and environment. Using this holistic approach we focus on helping each person to best meet their challenges as well as emphasizing preventive care. We welcome active participation from our patients and emphasize the use of the least harmful therapies first. Each of our highly skilled practitioners has a specific area of expertise. The staff at the front desk will help you select the best person for you.

Read more about our Alternative Healthcare Services.

Hill Park Integrative Medical Center
435 Petaluma Avenue, Suite 150
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone: 707-861-7300 Fax: 707-823-8568


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