Spirit of the Heart February 25 @ 7 PM

Posted on 21 February 2012

Earth Light Foundation Invites you to bring your heart to life
Trust the source of love that inspires your soul

Talk: Join us for inspiring discussion, heart opening meditation and chi gong practice exploring the many dimensions of the heart- to guide, awaken, create and enjoy our lives!

Meditate: Open to heart healing meditation connecting us to a deep field of creative compassion & love guided by Melissa Dubin, Ph. D., a holistic psychologist.

Move: Engage your whole being in heart centered chi gong practices, to promote healthy flow of heart energy in the body, mind, and spirit. Chi gong is a gentle but powerful form of healing involving movements that cultivate chi- the life force that guides, animates, and creates our lives.
Guided by Dani and Fredi, Certified Wisdom Healing Chi Gong Teachers. (www.qifieldtherapy.com)

Tickets:  $20 per person
To Register
via Email earthlightfoundation@gmail.com
or Phone 415-305-6373

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