Introducing Dr. Sean Zager, M.D. A.B.I.H.M.

Posted on 16 October 2012

We are happy to introduce Dr. Sean Zager, who has brought his practice inintegrative family medicine to Hill Park Medical Center.

Dr. Sean Zager

Dr. Sean Zager delights in his work as an integrative family physician.  He sees it as a constant opportunity to explore the healing potential of integrative medicine while enhancing the health of families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.  Dr. Zager is board-certified in both family medicine and integrative medicine. He provides his patients with an array of holistic therapies in the treatment and prevention of illness.  These therapies include an extensive offering of herbal medicines and mind-body techniques such as guided imagery, hypnosis, and biofeedback for habit change and stress reduction. He also offers manual approaches to pain control such as massage therapy, trigger point injections, and motivational counseling such as nutritional and exercise education for weight loss and wellness.

Read more about Dr. Zager here.

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