Go Forth and Thrive After Cancer Telesummit

Posted on 14 January 2013

Dr. Denise Cooluris

Dr. Denise Cooluris will be interviewed as part of group of extraordinary experts on the leading edge of all aspects of living and thriving once cancer touches your life.

As a specialist in women’s cancer, Dr. Cooluris will be sharing how to reduce inflammation and balance your hormones as part of thriving in the setting of cancer.

In The Go Forth and Thrive After Cancer Telesummit, Barbara Musser hosts 20 extraordinary experts who will share their experience and wisdom with you. Join conversations with Marianne Williamson; Ellen Barnard, co-founder of A Woman’s Touch; Wendy Strgar, loveologist and founder of Good Clean Love; Rebecca Katz, author of the Cancer Fighting Kitchen; Emmy-award winning composer Gary Malkin; and many more amazing healers, authors and teachers.

Tune in January 14-25 and hear 2 interviews every day. Then you can listen for the entire month of February ~ all as a love offering with no cost to you. Each expert will also offer you a gift so you can go deeper with them. This amazing event will change your life! To learn more, go to: www.cancertelesummit.com.

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