Leaky Gut, Food Allergies, Yeast Infection, Constipation and Other Exciting Digestive Tract Problems

Posted on 21 January 2013

Monday Feb 11

The human adult GI tract is approximately 720 square feet—the size of a tennis court—all folded up into endless nooks and crannies within 20 feet of intestine.
Doesn’t it make sense that whatever is going on in there is most of what is going on with you?
So many health problems come from GI disturbances such as mold and yeast overgrowth, parasites, low digestive enzyme levels, gut-based food sensitivities, bacterial infections and simple dehydration. They can cause symptoms you may not relate to GI problems such as headache, foggy thinking, joint pain and
even osteoporosis.
Come and learn about GI health and how to enhance your body’s ability to absorb and use all those wonderful nutrients you’re pouring in.

amyAmy Joy Smith, RN, Nurse Practitioner has three decades of experience in women’s health care, family health and nutrition. She practices “functional nutrition”, a personalized kind of nutrition that deals with each person’s unique biochemical balance and influences. Amy is passionate about finding simple ways to teach complex medical and nutritional principles so they are easy to understand and use by every day people. Her classes are fun, energetic, instructive, heartbased and open to anyone wanting to learn how to improve their health and vitality.

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