A Better Way to Manage Pain

“Pain” is one of the most common complaints presented by our patients. Headaches, back and neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, acute pain from accidents and injuries, chronic pain , overuse pain like carpal tunnel syndrome and pain from a variety of medical conditions are all treated successfully at Hill Park Medical Center.

Our holistic approach includes:

  1. a broad open-minded diagnostic method
  2. a flexible treatment program
  3. good communication between patients and the practitioners and
  4. practitioners skilled in the healing arts using treatments not commonly available in conventional medical offices.

In some cases the “cause” of the pain is clear—such as a herniated disc, a sprained ankle or chronic inflammation of the intestines. But in other situations, the cause is not clear. People often come to us with variety of tests such as MRI’s or X rays but no clear diagnosis or treatment plan. People are frustrated and may be taking a variety of medications to help get through the day. Now that medications like Vioxx and Celebrex cannot be used over an extended period of time, people are looking for solutions that don’t included medication and are more permanent.

As holistic practitioners we start with a thorough history that relooks at injuries and stressors, environmental exposures like pesticides or heavy metals, mechanical stressors such as computer workstations, psychological and emotional stresses, nutrition, food allergies, activity and lifestyle patterns, spiritual practices and the success or failure of other treatments.

Our thorough physical exam includes a Chinese medical energy evaluation with pulse, tongue and acupuncture point diagnosis. Previous scans and studies may be reviewed looking for subtle clues that might have been overlooked. An osteopathic, or structural exam and functional analysis may find tensions in the pelvis, spine, diaphragm or head and a skilled body worker may be able to touch and understand the tensions, patterns and spasms that contribute to the pain.

Hormonal, neurotransmitter or metabolic imbalances may lead to—such as PMS causing headaches or low thyroid muscle and tendon pain. Specialized saliva, blood, stool and urine tests may be ordered to better understand the “terrain” in which the pain problem developed.
By really listening to and hearing the patient’s experience of the pain the practitioner can often find clues leading to the beginning of a successful treatment strategy. Chinese Medical Practitioners work along side western trained physicians, body workers, osteopaths and. We work to integrate the viewpoints so that we better understand the synergy of mind, body and spirit to help people mobilize their resources for healing. Each patient is unique and not all people with the same diagnosis have the same diagnosis or treatment.

Our first goal is to start providing relief. Yet at the same time, the cause of the pain needs to be addressed and understood as accurately and completely as possible. Hands-on treatments like acupuncture, bodywork, massage and Osteopathic manipulation often reduce the symptoms and facilitate a profound state of relaxation in which a patient may release deep tensions and heal deep wounds. Therapies such as trigger point injections, intravenous supplementation, heavy metal chelation, nutritional counseling and homeopathy offer additional tools. We can also refer patients to master “energy healers” to help heal and transform deeply held patterns in and around the body.

Once the pain is eased, we focus together on reducing stress and nurturing the spirit. Stress reduction programs have consistently shown that participants reduce dependency on medication and improve their quality of life. Meditative practices, t’ai chi, Chi Gong, or yoga are tools a patient may learn during a pain crisis that will continue to improve the quality of their life long after the crisis is resolved.

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