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  • 03 April 2018 - Protecting Our Health After the Fires: Tools for a toxic environment

    Our bodies mirror what is happening in the environment. Here in health-conscious Sonoma County, we’re pretty good about avoiding known toxins such as BPA in water bottles and pesticide use. We’re now in uncharted territory in the aftermath of the North Bay wildfires, which have had inevitable toxic impact on our air, soil, and water […]

  • 03 April 2018 - Dispensary Discount: 10% off Meriva SF

    Curcumin: An “All in One” Solution We have found Meriva SF to have great outcomes for reducing joint pain, relief of stiffness and soreness, improving immune health, detoxification, improving digestive function, and as an important part of cancer prevention and treatment. Humans have benefited from the anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating effects of curcumin for centuries. Curcumin […]

  • 03 April 2018 - This Relentless Viral Season: Vitamin IV and Injection Therapy for Immune Support

    The viral season is relentless this year. This year many folks are having viral infections during allergy season—very confusing, very uncomfortable. There are a few strains that we’re seeing most prominently: a horrible stomach flu that is causing a week-long fever, a chest viral infection that is causing a month-long cough, and a general flu […]

  • 03 April 2018 - Food is Medicine: Stinging Nettle Vinegar

    The soil is warming and the nettles are waking up! How intelligent that the natural world offers us the great remedy of nettles in early spring to get us moving, detoxifying, and energizing into the new season. Nettle vinegar is a great choice for spring eating as its bitter and sour effects has a detoxifying […]

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