Help With Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergy Recommendations

Sonoma County has a 12-month allergy season—including tree pollens in the winter and spring, grass pollens in the summer, and mold in the spring and fall. Hill Park Medical Center’s approach to seasonal allergy treatment begins with the most natural methods that have proven to provide allergy relief and adds prescription medications only when necessary. Effective allergy treatment is best begun before one’s allergy season is in full bloom – yet, can be initiated with benefits at any time. Hill Park Medical Center practitioners offer personalized care for seasonal allergies and chronic respiratory conditions—and, the following recommendations are offered in the spirit of preventive medicine for general use.

General Guidelines

Basic care of sinus allergy includes:

Saline nasal irrigations 2-4X daily, use of a home air purification system – especially in the bedroom, restricted diet to improve lymph circulation and elimination of waste, herbal and nutritional supplements to build resistance to allergens, and acupuncture to support optimal health (sleep, appetite, stress reduction, etc

Diet: A diet of cooked and raw vegetables, seasonal fruit, some nuts, and legumes, whole grains (brown rice) will help reduce allergy symptoms. It is best to avoid dairy and wheat consumption, and limit simple carbohydrates, sugar, and animal protein. A Restricted diet aided by use of the “liver flush”, and metabolic detoxification with Ultraclear(tm) may further reduce the discomfort of allergy season. Feel fee to ask your Hill Park practitioner for personal guidance.

Core Supplements: These are used concurrently to supports the body’s capacity to resist allergic response and its associated fatigue.

Quercitin 500 mg 2Xdaily
Vitamin C 500 mg 3Xdaily
Cortico B5B6 2 gm 2X daily
Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract 600 mg. 3Xdaily

  • BHI’s Allergy(tm) : a natural nasal spray to reduce allergic sensitivity.
  • Similisan II homeopathic eye drops, 2 drops 4Xdaily.

Herbal medicines:

  • Dr. Shen’s “Allergy”: based on an ancient formula known to reduce allergic
    sensitivities and nasal and eye irritation, dries sinus, and contains ephedra.
    Caution: Avoid if blood pressure or heart problems are present, or if taken with certain prescription medicines [check with your practitioner].
  • Xanthium Relieve Surface: a Chinese herbal formula that inhibits histamine response, improves sleep and aides elimination of waste.

OTC Remedies:

  • Nasalcrom [OTC] spray: Blocks allergy sites, Best use before symptoms are present and must be used several times daily and takes several days to take effect.
  • Naphcon eye drops: 1 drop every 6 hr. as needed Works immediately. Too frequent use will cause it to lose its effectiveness

Antihistamines: Newer non-sedating prescription ones such as Claritin Allegra may be helpful and with less side effects than common OTC antihistamines.

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