Herbal Medicine

Plants were civilizations’s first medicine and herbal remedies and continue to have a very important role in our health today. Our practitioners have over 50 years of combined experience of clinically prescribing, studying, teaching, writing about and thriving within the practice of herbal medicine. We prescribe customized herbal preparations for our patients using a combination of research-based evidence, clinical experience, and the traditional application of herbs.

Our formulas designed within our integrative medical center located here in Sebastopol, California are customized for patients so we can find the combination that works just for you. A personalized herbal formula can address many ailments all in one bottle, making this medicine especially effective for our patients individualized care. In addition we have existing, proven formulas in stock that have been developed with decades of experience applied.

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    At Hill Park Integrative Medical Center, we take the guesswork out of treatment.