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Herbal medicine is the use of plant extracts and preparations for the treatment of health concerns, both acute and chronic. Plants were our first medicine and herbal remedies continue to have a very important role in our health today. In fact, many pharmaceutical drugs in common use today were originally derived from plant substances. However, the active compounds in pharmaceutical drugs tend to be derived from a single part of the plant, where the use of the entire plant trends towards greater and safer effects. When applicable, the appropriate pairing of certain drugs with herbal treatment can result in a more potent outcome with fewer side effects than using the drug alone.

Our practitioners have over 60 years of combined experience of clinically prescribing, studying, and deeply enjoying the practice of herbal medicine. We prescribe customized herbal preparations for our patients using a combination of research-based evidence, clinical experience, and the traditional application of herbs.

Our formulas are customized for patients and we also have stock formulas that have evolved over decades of the clinical use of herbs. A personalized herbal formula can address many ailments all in one bottle, making this medicine especially effective for our patients.

The Hill Park herbal pharmacy is an apothecary of herbal preparations made on site, by our staff, which is a very unique setting not commonly seen in any medical center. At any given time, our team is producing an herbal decoction, extraction, syrup, or cream that is prescribed for medical treatment by our doctors.

We produce plant extracts (both in tincture and glycerite forms), medicinal creams and topicals, poultices, syrups, and topical preparations such as herbal infused oils and castor oil for medical treatment. We also prescribe flower essences, essential oils, topicals, and customized compounded herbal products. Our herbal pharmacy sources plants responsibly and with the highest quality in mind for our patients and our planet.

If you are a practitioner who would like to prescribe from our herbal pharmacy, please call our Natural Remedy Store staff at 707-861-7333 to place an order or clarify any questions.

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