Natural Pharmacy

Hill Park Medical Center practitioners use Chinese herbs, Western herbs, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, naturopathic formulations and natural hormones in their work with clients.
At a treatment you may receive a prescription for products which you can then purchase right at the counter. We maintain this natural pharmacy for:  
  • Convenience
  • Quality
  • Special Formulations
  • Reliability

Our selected products are not commonly found in retail stores. They are professional grade and personally recommended by our practitioners. We screen each company carefully to make sure they meet our high standards.

Our store is an excellent place to purchase your basic vitamins, cold remedies, and health maintenance products too. We stock a wide variety of high quality, competitively priced supplements and remedies.

We carry natural products for: allergies, colds and flu, asthma, bronchitis, indigestion, stomach and intestinal problems, menstrual and gynecology concerns, menopause and hormone imbalances, fatigue, weak immune systems, arthritis and other acute or chronic pain conditions, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Order by phone and have products shipped directly to your home!

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Natural Pharmacy

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