Personalized Genetic Analysis

Ever notice that certain characteristics tend to ‘run in the family’?  Sleep problems – are they the same as your mother, brother, and aunt? A family’s grandmother, father, and son all showing signs of a mood disorder or addiction pattern?

All the women in your family seem to have similar hormonal patterns? Unexplained fertility concerns and recurrent miscarriages?

Always having paradoxical reactions to medications? Seems as though you are sensitive to everything? Is there a missing piece in your chronic illness puzzle?

Why is it that your friend can have a cup of coffee after dinner and go right to sleep, where you would be awake for days?

Our genetic composition is determined by the genes of our biological parents; we inherit their coding in the form of genetic pairs which then determine how our body functions. When our genes develop, numerous different types of genetic errors, or miswrites, can occur. Our genetic ‘blueprint’ determines how our internal landscape interacts with the outside world, as well as how our body functions. Any genetic alteration is turned on or off by our diet, environment, lifestyle, stress, and mental ‘clutter’.

The most commonly known genetic alteration, and one that many of our patients are familiar with, is an alteration of the MTHFR gene. This gene codes for an entire cycle of processes by which we take the folic acid we’ve eaten and put a methyl group on it. This is a real important step in our biochemistry that has huge implications if the methyl group is not on the folic acid, you can not properly function in cell repair or genetic repair, and may be at risk for cardiovascular disease, fertility concerns including recurrent miscarriage, neurological and psychiatric conditions, and certain cancers.

But the MTHFR gene function reflects just one of our biochemical cycles, and we want an understanding of the cause and effect of our genes on all cycles it’s about the whole picture.

Through a relatively simple and inexpensive testing process, we can identify your personal genetic variations, interpret how these variations may be influencing your health, and decide what we can do to compensate for these genetic variants. We can help you find solutions to your most personalized health concerns.

We can’t change your genes, but we can guide you towards effective interventions that change the weakness of your genetics. We can influence our genetic strengths and weaknesses using targeted nutrients, dietary interventions, and lifestyle factors it doesn’t get much more personalized than this! This can be a very potent step in prevention for yourself and your family. If there are known hardwired weak areas in the family, let’s find out about them now and counterbalance them moving forward into a lifetime of optimal health.

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