• Michaela Falkner, N.D.

    Dr. Michaela Falkner is an integrative general medicine doctor with a focus on complex cases and autoimmunity. She received her ND from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. After completing her degree program, she was selected as one of five national candidates to complete a prestigious general medicine residency at SCNM. During both her degree program and residency, she focused much of her education on caring for complex cases and autoimmune diseases.

    After completion of her residency, Dr. Falkner moved into the Bay Area to start practice. Much of her practice continued to be focused on autoimmunity and chronic illness, but she also gained much experience in the optimization of hormones for thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone dysfunction, as well as literacy in digestive health. She often takes a multipronged approach in healing the gastrointestinal system, modulating the immune system, and symptom management. She also is certified in IV therapies and microneedling facial treatments. She currently holds licenses in both California and Arizona.

  • Telephone: 707-861-7300
  • office@hpimc.com