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Vaccine Health Evaluation

Author:Dr. Denise Cooluris, ND June 4, 2018
Vaccine Health Evaluation

I recognize the complexity and difficulty involved in the decision of vaccinations and therefore encourage parents to carefully consider many factors during this process. Currently, the decision regarding vaccines has been made a government decision – a legal decision. I aim to support parents and individuals to have the information necessary to aide in the medical decision regarding vaccines based on a personalized health assessment.

When examining if a potential medical risk of vaccine exposure exists, I collect a comprehensive history of health issues including any known vaccine reactions to date, allergies, known illness, (neurological, autoimmune, and others) and family history of illnesses. Genetic testing is often performed to gather more information on which we can identify potential individual risk. In most cases, a temporary four month vaccine medical exemption will be provided for the interval window in which genetic results are pending. After this evaluation, most patients (children or adults) will have the medical criteria to identify if the choice of a medical exemption from vaccine exposure is an appropriate option.

As a medical doctor, and a parent, I too have had to face the decision process around vaccines for my daughter. My personal decision was to deliver vaccinations at an alternative schedule to decrease the number of immunizations at each visit. Some children tolerate vaccines well, while others do not, and the medical tools available to predict a good outcome are lacking. It is therefore my hope that this vaccine health evaluation service will provide you with a balanced view and the medical information necessary for your family to make the most informed decision possible.

If you are interested in this service please contact Cindy, our New Patient Coordinator, at 707.861.7300 to discuss details.

Please Note: As we do not administer vaccines at our center, it’s best to check in with your primary care doctor for the discussion of vaccine scheduling and epidemiology for our region.

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