Vaccine Health Evaluations

Some children tolerate vaccines well, while others do not, and the conventional medical tools available to predict a good outcome are lacking. We recognize the complexity and difficulty involved in the decision of vaccinations and therefore encourage parents to carefully consider many factors during this process.

We aim to support you to have the medical information necessary to aide in the decision of vaccine exposure based on a personalized health assessment:

  • A comprehensive review of health concerns including any known vaccine reactions to date, allergies, known illness, (neurological, autoimmune, and others) and family history of illness.
  • Genetic profile testing is often performed to gather more information on which we can identify potential individual markers and who may be at risk.
  • In most cases, a temporary four-month vaccine medical exemption will be provided for the interval window in which genetic results are pending.

This vaccine health evaluation will provide you with a balanced view and the medical information necessary for your family to make the most informed decision possible. If there are medical criteria that reveal a potential risk of vaccine exposure and a preference to avoid this exposure, a medical vaccine exemption is provided.

We are not against vaccines; we promote an educated decision process. We support families and individuals to be informed on their individual risk and have a medical choice in the matter.

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