Welcome to Hill Park Integrative Medical Center

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Hill Park Integrative Medical Center. For over 25 years the practitioners at Hill Park Integrative Medical Center have been providing a unique blend of medical care which combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine.

Update on Clinic Operations

As we do our best to balance our social obligation of distancing with our community obligation to provide medicine and patient care, our clinic operations have been reorganized to meet these needs.

We are fully operating our normal business hours, including the pharmacy, nutrient shots, IV and lab services with minimal foot traffic, phone consults, and telemedicine within CDC guidelines. We are actively caring for patients, though everyone that enters or schedules at the clinic is prescreened for symptoms and risk, temperature monitored, and social distancing is in place in the center.

To reduce community spread of COVID-19, we encourage you to pick up pharmacy orders from our outdoor lockbox, which is available at all hours of the day, have your items shipped to you via Priority Mail, or we can hand deliver to you in the parking lot. For additional details and access to the lock box please ask our pharmacy staff.

Visit Sonoma County’s Vaccine Information page for more information or sign up through Safeway to receive vaccine availability updates.

Our Approach to Treatment

Our physicians are experienced family practice doctors trained in conventional medical treatments as well as alternative care. We utilize a wide variety of diagnostic services and prescribe western medicine along with offering alternative treatments. Our practitioners are the best in their fields. By working as a team, we are able to provide our patients with the quality of care that we want for our families and ourselves.

Services We Provide

IV Nutrient Therapy

Restoring energy reserves as well as boosting immune support to prevent the onset of a cold or bug during flu season

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Vitamin Injections

Offering the most bio-active forms of nutrients and B-12 shots that have been carefully developed with your needs in mind

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Integrative Women’s Health

We specialize in thorough, caring, and personalized integrative healthcare for women.

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Bioidentical Hormone Therapies

Specializing in identifying the specific hormone imbalance and tailoring corrective solutions unique to your specific needs

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Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

Restoring, promoting, and maintaining good health through acupuncture treatment and traditional Chinese medicine

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Specialty Lab Testing

Providing the most updated, highest quality diagnostics available and convenient lab services for your specimens

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Personalized Genetic Analysis

Helping you find solutions to your most personalized health concerns and moving you forward into optimal health

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Customized Herbal Medicine

Prescribing customized herbal preparations made on site at our herbal pharmacy at Hill Park Integrative Medical Center

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Ozone Therapy & Prolozone

Regenerating and correcting damaged joints, tissues, ligaments, and tendons resulting in complete injury recovery

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Facial Rejuvenation

Applying a combination of effective, non-invasive, and chemical-free natural techniques that yield vibrant, healthy, and youthful skin

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Natural Allergy Treatment

Addressing the cause of an allergic reaction, including an over-active immune system, and providing symptom relief

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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

FSM is a unique treatment in which the function and texture of tissues is corrected and restored to its preferred normal state.

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