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Integrative Health Care at Its Best

Integrative Medical Care carefully blends conventional medicine with selected complementary and alternative therapies. At Hill Park Integrative Medical Center, we pay careful attention to mind, body, emotions, spirit and environment. Using this holistic approach we focus on helping each person to best meet their challenges as well as emphasizing preventive care. We welcome active participation from our patients and emphasize the use of the least harmful therapies first. Each of our highly skilled practitioners has a specific area of expertise. The staff at the front desk will help you select the best person for you.

At Hill Park Integrative Medical Center, we take time to get to know each patient. Your appointments are never rushed, the doctors return your calls, and the office staff knows you by name. Our comprehensive style of health care allows us to come up with solutions that are easily missed in the world of protocol and time driven medicine.

Our clinic has a unique interest in oncology that is bridged with colleagues at local and national clinics. Our integrative and alternative cancer support services include medical advocacy, high dose intravenous vitamin C, artesunate, mistletoe, autohemotherapy, natural cytotoxic therapy, nutritional counseling, European immunotherapy treatments,  and oxidative therapies among many others.

We pride ourselves on excellence in both care and service.

Our Approach to Treatment

Our physicians are experienced family practice doctors trained in conventional medical treatments as well as alternative care. We utilize a wide variety of diagnostic services and prescribe western medicine along with offering alternative treatments. Our practitioners are the best in their fields. By working as a team, we are able to provide our patients with the quality of care that we want for ourselves and our families.

Today, conventional medicine is often practiced by grouping patients into disease categories. For instance, you might hear about “the appendix in room 4”, or the “hip replacement coming down from surgery.” This loss of identity removes the human component of healing. Formulas have been established for the treatment of each disease. Instead of asking what is unique and special about each person, protocols are used which often serve the needs of the insurance companies and the managed care industry rather than the patient.  At Hill Park, our fundamental belief is in treating the whole person as an individual with unique needs.

New paradigms in medical care are keeping us on the cutting edge with saliva and urine tests that look at cellular function and can measure neurotransmitters, hormones and find precise ways to treat many conditions. In addition to our focus on the physical body—the tissues, the bones, the muscles, the organs—most of the treatment modalities at Hill Park Integrative Medical Center encompass all aspects of wellness.  When all systems are flowing well the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing is more complete.

Contact Information

Our office is open Monday–Friday, 9am-5pm

435 Petaluma Avenue, Suite 150
SebastopolCA 95472
Tel:  707-861-7300
Fax: 707-823-8568

Front Office/Scheduling: office@hpimc.com
Medical Assistant/Labs: cma@hpimc.com
Medical Records: records@hpimc.com

Natural Pharmacy

Have questions or need refills?
We’d love to hear from you!
Tel: 707-861-7333

Email: nrs@hpimc.com


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