Do I need a referral to be a patient at your center? Can I become a patient if nothing’s really wrong with me?

Anyone is welcome to establish care at our center, a referral is not necessary.
Do you have to be a current patient to get a nutrient IV and/or nutrient shots?
Nutrient Shots
We welcome walk-ins for nutrient shots Monday-Friday 9-5 pm and offer special hours to the community via our newsletter. We have an extensive menu to select from and are often available for custom nutrient shots on request, let us know what you’re looking for.
Nutrient IV Therapy
For your safety, nutrient IV services need to be under the supervision of a prescribing practitioner, though this can be a practitioner outside of our center. We have a practitioner Nutrient IV Referral form that can be used for our IV suite, please contact the medical assistant team for details. All referrals are reviewed prior to scheduling and your practitioner is welcome to contact us with any questions. We can generally accommodate advanced and customized IV therapies.
If you are interested in establishing care at our center solely for the purpose of nutrient IV therapy, a focused 15 minute visit can start this process for you. Please contact the front desk for details: (707) 861-7300.
Are your services covered by insurance?
Insurance coverage for our services is dependent upon your individual policy plan. We do not bill insurance directly but we do provide you with a complete itemized statement including coding that may be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement.
Our practitioners are considered out-of-network providers on PPO plans, and as such, you can seek reimbursement for office visits. The majority of the time, conventional labs (such as basic blood work or Pap smears), diagnostic imaging, and prescriptions are covered per your insurance policy. Many of our integrative and naturopathic therapies are not covered by insurance.
Patients with HSA plans apply funds to patient visits, services, and purchases from our Natural Remedy Store. We can provide the necessary documentation to apply HSA funds, please verify with your individual plan.
We can not guarantee insurance coverage for our services, this is again dependent upon your individual insurance plan, and payment is due at the time of service. We will ask for a copy of your insurance card at your first visit – this will be submitted with lab work and imaging orders, or any specialist referrals to expedite the medical system process for you. Our staff are very experienced with navigating insurance questions and are available to address any concerns.
Our physicians do not participate in the Medicare Program nor do we bill for Medicare services. Medicare, with or without a supplemental plan, does not cover naturopathic medicine. Please contact our staff with any additional questions or individual basis.
Can you collaborate with my other practitioners?
Absolutely. We consider ourselves part of the greater medical community and are open to collaboration with any member of your healthcare team. We view medicine from a team care approach and value that patients have existing therapeutic relationships with various practitioners.
We regularly collaborate with other physicians, including specialists, that are highly regarded in their respective fields to provide the most comprehensive care possible for our patients.
How do I prepare for my first visit?
Our staff and practitioners at Hill Park are looking forward to meeting you. When you schedule your first appointment, our staff will help guide you to be prepared with initial paperwork prior to your visit. Please bring all pertinent lab work and imaging of the previous year as well as an updated supplement and medication list. If you have medical records that you feel are necessary for your care at Hill Park, please contact the front desk staff to facilitate the medical records transfer process. Please no fragrance 24 hours prior to your visit.
Can I have my consultations over the phone or Skype?
Many of our patients are out of the region, international, or may be limited in their ability to have in-person visits. We ask that your first visit is in-person and that an annual in-person visit occurs as you continue in our care.
Please note that most insurance carriers do not reimburse for phone visits though we will be happy to provide you with the necessary billings forms for reimbursement.
Do you offer Emergency and After Hours Care?
Our practitioners do not offer on-call after hours medical care.
In the event that you are in our care and transport to the emergency room is necessary during business hours, we will do our best to support the process. Our doctors do not carry hospital privileges and therefore do not admit patients. We request that you seek this service from your primary care provider.
How do I refill my prescriptions?
Please call the pharmacy and request a prescription refill, which will be responded to by the prescribing doctor within 48 business hours. If you no longer have refills for an existing prescription, please call the staff at (707) 861-7300 for assistance.
What is your Cancellation Policy?
If it is necessary to cancel your scheduled appointment, we require that you call at least two business days in advance. Calling earlier is greatly appreciated. There are no fees associated with appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled with two days notice.
If you cancel or reschedule an appointment with less than two business days notice, miss an appointment entirely, or miss an appointment by arriving more than 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time the following fees apply:
  • For late cancellation with less than two business days’ notice, you will be responsible for one-half of your scheduled appointment fee.
  • For same-day cancellation or missed appointments, you will be responsible for the full cost of your scheduled appointment.
It is your responsibility to complete any lab work ordered in preparation for follow-up visits. It is therefore not exempted from any full or partial cancellation fee if results are not in place for a scheduled appointment.
Why do you need my credit card to schedule an appointment?
Per the Cancellation Policy above, we require two business days’ notice to cancel an appointment. We will only charge your credit card on file if you fail to show up or provide inadequate notice (less than two business days) when cancelling an appointment. You may also choose to keep your credit card on file to pay for for services and products received from Hill Park Integrative Medical Center and the Natural Remedy Store.
How do I send or receive a copy of my medical records?
Please contact our front desk at 707-861-7300 with any questions or email: [email protected]
How do I use my lab kit?
The kit collection process can be a little tricky – our Medical Assistant team can help to clarify the process or answer any questions: 707-861-7300 or email [email protected]
When can I come in for a blood draw?
To schedule a blood draw or lab test, please contact the Medical Assistant team via the patient portal or [email protected]. We can generally accommodate routine blood draws before 3 pm.
For test kits, we ask that you schedule your blood draw before 2 pm, as the testing may be time sensitive. This will ensure the proper handling of your specimen.
How do I get my lab results?
Please contact our Medical Assistant team at 707-861-7300 or [email protected]. Please know that in most cases, your doctor at Hill Park may choose to release your lab results on the day of your appointment.