Specialty Lab Testing

We have full lab services for our patients and the community.


The majority of our patients, as well as those of practitioners and doctors in our region, prefer to have their labs done at Hill Park. It’s more convenient and folks are at ease in our environment. Our staff are highly skilled in their phlebotomy skills and have wonderful rapport with patients of all ages, and of all comfort levels.


We collect and process specimens for standard reference laboratories such as LabCorp, ARUP, BioReference Labs, Life Extension, True Health, and Jewish International (sorry, we’re not working with Quest at this time). We are happy to provide lab services for orders from an outside practitioner, in most circumstances.


In addition to standard tests, we also work with a variety of specialty laboratories to provide unique testing not offered by conventional laboratories. These include, and certainly are not limited to:


-Advanced Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis
-Comprehensive Stool Analysis
-Advanced Stool Parasitology Testing
-SIBO Testing
-Personalized Genetic Testing including MTHFR Analysis
-Food, Mold, Inhalant Allergy Panels
-Urine, Saliva, and Blood Hormone Tests
-Neurotransmitter Tests
-Urine Heavy Metal Analysis
-Blood and Urine Toxin Analysis: pesticides, environmental toxins such as BPA and solvents
-Advanced Testing for Complex Illness such as infectious disease, mold exposure, tick-borne illness including IgeneX
-Individualized Cncology Benchmarks for Tracking Treatment Course Efficacy
-Oncology Proteomics, Treatment Sensitivity Assays
-Fertility Analysis including MTHFR Analysis
-Analysis of MTHFR Variant Implications


Hill Park strives to make the most updated highest quality diagnostics available to our patients, as well as convenient lab services for your specimens – life is busy, you don’t need to spend more time than necessary at a draw site, while ‘hangry’ because you’re fasting.