Nutrient Shots

Feeling worn down? We get it! Our physician-formulated nutrient injections use the most bio-active forms of nutrients and have been carefully developed with our patients’ needs and requests in mind. Different from a more lengthy IV treatment, vitamin injections, B12 shots and nutrient supplement shots are customized blends of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants administered via a quick and painless intramuscular booster. These doses bypass the digestive system and are absorbed immediately. Your body absorbs the nutrients easily so you can feel the benefits faster.

B12 is one of our most popular nutrient supplement shots but our expansive menu of vitamin mixtures designed by our clinical director will get you sorted. We can also customize a shot for you based on how you’re feeling that day. Let our tenured physicians get you back on track!

We love to design custom shots for folks and our shots are renowned in the region for their efficacy.

See our full menu of nutrient injections here:
Hill Park Nutrient Injection Menu

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