Ozone Therapy

Oxygen is life, and when we are not getting enough of it focused to the right areas we take longer to recover and heal. The body responds to injury by delivering oxygen and the substances necessary to correct the tissue damage via blood circulation. In severe and chronic injury, oxygen and blood delivery to the region becomes compromised.

Our ozone therapies located in Sebastopol, California apply oxygen utilization therapies in a localized area of damaged tissue, allowing it to heal and to restore full function. The injected ozone also increases the blood supply and delivery of critical nutrients that the tissues require to repair. In many cases ozone therapy actually corrects the pathology of the disorder and there is a 75% chance for the chronic pain sufferer to become permanently pain free.

We use IV ozone, insufflation, and prolozone (ozone prolotherapy) for a variety of concerns including infections, injuries, adjuvant cancer care and surgery priming.

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