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In Sonoma County, we are faced with a uniquely intense allergy experience – this is largely due to our abundance of flora that beckons many of us to this region, as well as our diverse topography and microclimates. Our allergy seasons are becoming progressively worse as we see the ups and downs in weather patterns year to year.

An allergic reaction occurs when our immune system becomes over-reactive to proteins in our food or the environment that are normally harmless. This most often occurs with pollens, fungi, mold, dust, animal and human dander, chemicals, and many foods.

Conventional approaches such as antihistamines and decongestants may provide symptom relief but will not address the cause of the allergic reaction, which includes an overreactive immune system. In addition, antihistamines can produce unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness, nausea, skin infections, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

We view allergies through a comprehensive lens, considering all the parts involved that make one allergic. This may include your immune, digestive, metabolic, and hormone health. It may simply be that you have lived among a high volume of a particular allergen and your body has become overwhelmed and reactive.

We provide specialized allergy testing of foods and inhalants in your lifestyle. This can identify which allergic responses may be yearlong, versus seasonal allergic responses, or just specific exposures that need to be avoided.

Once we have identified the specific allergens, we will develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment course for you that reduces the symptoms of allergies, addresses any additional health concerns that may be contributing, and enhance immune system stability.

We use natural therapeutics specific to your concerns that may include nutrient therapy, herbal medicine, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, immunotherapy, IV nutrient therapy for allergies, elimination diet, and lifestyle counseling. We use conventional therapeutics as warranted in severe cases, with the goal of transition to corrective natural management of allergies.

Allergy Immunotherapy

Allergy Immunotherapy is a process of correcting the body’s immune response to specific allergens. The goal is to establish ‘tolerance’ of specific allergens your body reacts to – a point in which the body considers the allergen normal again. Immunotherapy involves introducing a precise concentration of a customized allergen blend in a sublingual liquid form (Sublingual Immunotherapy = SLIT). This concentration is increased over time so that the body no longer interprets the allergen exposure as a threat, and the allergic reaction is corrected. This is similar to conventional “allergy shots” but delivered in a drop dosage – more convenient, fewer appointments, and less intimidating than weekly shots.

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