Allergy Desensitization

Allergies are simply an unwanted distraction in everyday life. Whether it’s a food allergy, a specific scent that gives you fits or experiencing the uniquely intense local allergies due to our abundance of flora, diverse topography and microclimates, allergy treatment is especially essential in our locale of Sonoma County.

At Hill Park we view allergies through a comprehensive lens that paints a clearer picture of what ails you. We provide specialized allergy testing of foods and inhalants in your lifestyle. This can identify which allergic responses may be year-long versus seasonal allergic responses, or just specific exposures that need to be avoided.

We also offer sublingual immunotherapy (aka SLIT). This method treats environmental and food allergies using drops taken under the tongue. It’s a safe, effective way to help your body build long-term tolerance to the things that cause symptoms, helping you reduce medication needs, related clinic visits, missed work and school days, and enabling you to enjoy a better quality of life. Let’s see if this treatment is right for you!

Our practitioners will develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment course for you that reduces the symptoms of allergies, addresses any additional health concerns that may be contributing and enhances immune system stability.

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