Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a unique physical medicine treatment that is similar in design to a physical therapy device such as a TENS unit. The theory behind this technology is based on the premise that each cell, tissue, and organ has an ideal resonant electrical frequency that coordinates its activities in the body. A microcurrent is a faint (almost homeopathic) impulse that is identical to the subtle range of micro-amperage produced by living cells and tissues.

When the appropriate microcurrent is applied to a body tissue such as a muscle, ligament, tendon, or nerve fiber, the result is a change in the tissue back to its preferred normal state …. a hard muscle softens, an unresponsive nervous system becomes responsive, and a congested lymph node opens up and starts flowing.

The current is delivered to the specific part of the body in which function and texture of the tissues need to be corrected and restored. This may be just the abdomen in the case of scar tissue, or perhaps the entire body in the case of a concussion or chronic immune dysfunction.

FSM is effective for a variety of conditions and is especially effective for the treatment of nerve and muscle pain, excessive scar tissue from tissue injury at any body site, acute and chronic inflammation, and shingles.

Our practitioners have found that FSM is uniquely effective for abdominal and pelvic scar tissue and adhesions that result from colitis, surgical interventions, endometriosis, and chronic inflammation. In the case of endometriosis, the small amperage of current applied to the uterus and ovaries can help dissolve and break up the endometrial implants and adhesions.

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