Natural Pharmacy

Natural Pharmacy

The Hill Park Natural Pharmacy is our on-site local practitioner, patient and community resource with an inventory developed by doctors with a combined 50 years experience in researching, selecting, and prescribing supplements, neutraceuticals. Targeting natural therapies of integrative medicine, the pharmacy has been developed by years of clinical practice from our doctors, with over 70 vendors selected for their quality and successful formulas including highly curated and difficult to source items from around the globe.

Our difference is that we make, compound, and develop our own herbal products, extracts, creams, oils, and various herbal preparations to prescribe for our patient care. We compound specialty herbal formulas for the specific needs of our patients, as well as from requests of local practitioners.

We encourage a partnership between your body and nature. Our on-site herbal pharmacy and apothecary at Hill Park Integrative Medical Center sources plants responsibly and with the highest quality in mind for our patients and our planet. We also prescribe flower essences, essential oils, topicals, and customized compounded herbal products. At any given time, our integrative medical center team of naturopathic doctors are producing solutions that work and are prescribed for medical treatment by our doctors.

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