Facial Rejuvenation through Acupuncture: Revive Your Beauty & Self

Author:Hill Park Team July 8, 2018
Facial Rejuvenation through Acupuncture: Revive Your Beauty & Self
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Honor your promise to focus on yourself this new year – give yourself the gift you deserve to feel and look your most beautiful. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture applies a combination of effective, natural techniques to give you vibrant, healthy, and youthful skin in the most chemical-free and non-invasive way possible. With facial acupuncture, the collagen and elastin matrix is shallowly pierced and activated while increasing local blood and lymph circulation, also improving facial color and tone. When working with the body’s entire constitution as a springboard for facial transformation, the entire system is balanced and supported, promoting a sense of well being and joy.

Skin Benefits:
  • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pumped up collagen production
  • Strengthened muscle tone
  • Lifted eyelids, reduction in dark circles, brightened eyes
  • Reduced appearance of scars and age spots
  • Decreased puffiness and stimulated facial blood circulation
  • Tightened pores and improved skin tone with reduced redness
  • Vibrant, softer skin tone and facial glow
Systemic Benefits:
  • Uplifted energy
  • Consolidated sense of well-being
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Improved digestion
  • Restful sleep
  • Allergy, Acne, and headache relief
  • Ease of PMS and hormone imbalance symptoms

Your appointment will last approximately 75 minutes, utilizing a blend of delicate acupuncture needles, rose cleansing and hydrating skincare products, followed by jade roller and hydrosol application. Mountain Rose Herb products (100% natural facial care using botanicals sourced from organic farms located in the great Pacific Northwest) are gently applied to your skin in this treatment. In addition to any skin issues, lifestyle and dietary recommendations will also be discussed. The number of treatments depends on the patient’s age, skin goals and desired results. While most report increased energy and vitality after the initial treatment, the skin rejuvenation improvement and results listed above tend to occur after the first 4-5 treatments.

Jennifer Monin, LAc provides facial rejuvenation treatments at our center using a combination of proven techniques, extensive training, clinical experience, and natural products that result in a dynamic facial acupuncture treatment addressing the complicated impact of stress and age on our skin. Jennifer believes that you can have youthful, healthy, and vibrant skin in the most natural and least invasive way. In addition to facial acupuncture, Jennifer also specializes in women’s health and supporting patients through life transitions. She is a deeply respected acupuncturist, teacher, and yoga instructor who we are most fortunate to have on our team at Hill Park.

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