This Relentless Viral Season: Vitamin IV and Injection Therapy for Immune Support

Author:Hill Park Team September 4, 2018
This Relentless Viral Season: Vitamin IV and Injection Therapy for Immune Support

The viral season is relentless this year. This year many folks are having viral infections during allergy season—very confusing, very uncomfortable. There are a few strains that we’re seeing most prominently: a horrible stomach flu that is causing a week-long fever, a chest viral infection that is causing a month-long cough, and a general flu strain from the winter that is taking about 4-6 weeks for people to fully recover from.

Any of these sound familiar?

A key treatment for full recovery for patients has been vitamin IV therapy. When we don’t have time to stop for the weeks necessary to recover from a month-long viral infection, our cells will recruit all our vitamins and minerals necessary to keep us going. This translates into a longer recovery time, prolonged fatigue, and a poorer baseline of energy prior to the viral infection.

IV nutrient therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, and select nutrients directly into the cells for a full recovery, and much of the time, a much better baseline of energy. One of the benefits of vitamin IV therapy is that higher therapeutic doses are achieved when the nutrients are delivered directly to the cells (doses that are limited by oral intake) which offer a faster rate of optimal recovery.

The main ‘stars’ of our Immune Support IV include vitamin C, B vitamins, Zinc, and Selenium—all drive up an immune response to fight off a current infection, repair your energy after an illness, and prevent future illnesses from settling in.

We also have a very effective Immune Support injection (delivered in the arm or buttock) for a regular, affordable
immune boost and protection. The injection includes these immune ‘stars’ at effective, but lower doses.

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