Protecting Our Health After the Fires: Tools for a toxic environment

Protecting Our Health After the Fires: Tools for a toxic environment

Our bodies mirror what is happening in the environment. Here in health-conscious Sonoma County, we’re pretty good about avoiding known toxins such as BPA in water bottles and pesticide use. We’re now in uncharted territory in the aftermath of the North Bay wildfires, which have had inevitable toxic impact on our air, soil, and water quality.

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are dangerous hormone-modulating and potentially carcinogenic toxins that can remain residual in our environment for weeks to years.These pollutants include the daily use products in every household that burned as well as fire-specific chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons—some are benign, some carcinogenic, several can stick around for a long time. Flame retardants (PBDEs) are being phased out of California, but how many older sofas burned out there? Heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury are also a big post-fire toxin concern.

Molecular-sized toxins, either brought in from the outdoors or emitted from our household furniture and belongings, settle with the dust in our home which we, our children, and our pets then ingest.

Here are some ways that you can improve your internal and environmental landscape to protect your health:

Food is Medicine

Include these naturally-detoxifying foods in your diet to promote optimal liver function:

  • Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, collard greens
  • Water-soluble fibers such as: pears, oats, apples, and legumes (beans)
  • High sulfur-containing foods such as: garlic and onions
  • Artichokes, beets (tops and bottoms), carrots, dandelion (tops and bottoms), parsley, cilantro, turmeric root, sweet potatoes, and squash
Herbal Support
  • Liver support: Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Burdock Root, Dandelion root and leaf, Schisandra
  • Turmeric (fresh root or Meriva SF): enhances detoxification, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory
  • Mushrooms: Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shitake, Maitake, Cordyceps—these are nature’s potent detoxifiers and immune protection for the earth and our bodies
Supplement Support
  • A high-potency multivitamin and mineral can help protect against toxin exposure. Antioxidants like vitamin C, beta-carotene, and vitamin E protect the liver against damage, as well as aiding in the liver’s detoxification process. B vitamins, calcium, and trace minerals also play a role in the elimination of heavy metals and other toxic compounds.
  • Lipotropic nutrients (compounds that stimulate the flow of bile and fat to and from the liver) such as choline, betaine, methionine, vitamin B6, folic acid, and vitamin B12 have a “de-congesting” effect on the liver, promoting both improved liver function and fat metabolism.
  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), alpha lipoic acid (ALA), chlorella, and modified citrus pectin all serve to substantially increase liver detoxification thru direct liver function enhancement and/or capturing toxins for proper elimination.
  • Blue Heron: GI support and detoxifying binders for proper elimination
Gentle Regular Detoxification
  • Regular weekly hyperthermia treatments such peat baths (see our New Year newsletter) and infrared sauna therapy are excellent ways to routinely enhance toxin elimination.
  • Clothing, pets, cars, and outdoor recreational items can be a passive collection of toxic chemicals in our day to day lives.
  • Regularly wash your clothes, wash your bodies, wash your pets, and have shoe-free home.
  • Consider HEPA air filtration systems and indoor plants for clean air quality in your home.
  • Environmental Working Group: find the cleanest products possible at

We’re exposed to toxins on a daily basis, external and internal, in many forms. Chemical exposure has its highest impact when we are vulnerable, such as in time of stress and fear. Take good care of yourself with adequate stress support including:

  • Therapy as needed for support of life’s abundances and relationships
  • Finding the right exercise routine that works for you
  • Adaptogenic herbs
  • Adequate quality sleep

Surround yourself with souls you love who love you in return—this is in many forms: friends, chosen family, pets, neighbors. Our quick smiles, nods, or waves in brief encounters. We’re all in it—life’s absurdities. Let’s have some ease on our soul’s journey with a quick smile for one another.

Please check in with your physician about starting any treatment in case you may be allergic or have a need for a personalized program. Heavy metal and toxin analysis is provided at our center and our Natural Remedy Store staff are available to assist with any of the supplements or herbs mentioned in this article to best support you and our community.

Dispensary Discount: 10% off Meriva SF

Dispensary Discount: 10% off Meriva SF
Curcumin: An “All in One” Solution

We have found Meriva SF to have great outcomes for reducing joint pain, relief of stiffness and soreness, improving immune health, detoxification, improving digestive function, and as an important part of cancer prevention and treatment.

Humans have benefited from the anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating effects of curcumin for centuries. Curcumin is the orange pigment in turmeric root that contains potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune enhancing, and anti-cancer effects.

There is amazing work being done in the science community around the benefits of this herb, from it’s anti-allergy effects to its advanced use in cancer treatment. Curcumin has been the subject of hundreds of research studies published in the last several decades. Research of particular interest to our cancer patients is its potential to enhance the positive actions of chemotherapy in cancer treatment while protecting our tissues from the negative side effects of chemotherapy.

Eating turmeric in its powdered or whole root form is a great inclusion to a healthy diet, though research has shown that there is low bloodstream absorption in this form to provide sufficient systemic levels for all our tissues to benefit.

As medical technology has evolved, we’ve been able to bind curcumin to phospholipids, which are the essential components of human cells. This maintains the natural plant based effects while permitting a highly effective absorption to access all it’s potent benefits.

As many of you know, we are regularly prescribing curcumin for our patients – and – there are numerous curcumin
products on the market. We have found Meriva SF to have great outcomes for reducing joint pain, relief of stiffness and soreness, improving immune health, detoxification, improving digestive function, and as an important part of cancer prevention and treatment.

Many of our patients are picking up Meriva this spring for allergy treatment and refills for ongoing maintenance use of various health concerns. We’d like to support your use of this herb with a 10% discount from our dispensary on Meriva SF through May 1st, 2018.

This Relentless Viral Season: Vitamin IV and Injection Therapy for Immune Support

This Relentless Viral Season: Vitamin IV and Injection Therapy for Immune Support

The viral season is relentless this year. This year many folks are having viral infections during allergy season—very confusing, very uncomfortable. There are a few strains that we’re seeing most prominently: a horrible stomach flu that is causing a week-long fever, a chest viral infection that is causing a month-long cough, and a general flu strain from the winter that is taking about 4-6 weeks for people to fully recover from.

Any of these sound familiar?

A key treatment for full recovery for patients has been vitamin IV therapy. When we don’t have time to stop for the weeks necessary to recover from a month-long viral infection, our cells will recruit all our vitamins and minerals necessary to keep us going. This translates into a longer recovery time, prolonged fatigue, and a poorer baseline of energy prior to the viral infection.

IV nutrient therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, and select nutrients directly into the cells for a full recovery, and much of the time, a much better baseline of energy. One of the benefits of vitamin IV therapy is that higher therapeutic doses are achieved when the nutrients are delivered directly to the cells (doses that are limited by oral intake) which offer a faster rate of optimal recovery.

The main ‘stars’ of our Immune Support IV include vitamin C, B vitamins, Zinc, and Selenium—all drive up an immune response to fight off a current infection, repair your energy after an illness, and prevent future illnesses from settling in.

We also have a very effective Immune Support injection (delivered in the arm or buttock) for a regular, affordable
immune boost and protection. The injection includes these immune ‘stars’ at effective, but lower doses.

Food is Medicine: Stinging Nettle Vinegar

Food is Medicine: Stinging Nettle Vinegar

The soil is warming and the nettles are waking up! How intelligent that the natural world offers us the great remedy of nettles in early spring to get us moving, detoxifying, and energizing into the new season.

Nettle vinegar is a great choice for spring eating as its bitter and sour effects has a detoxifying effect on the liver, while the nutrient profile helps to nourish and restore our tissues. Nettles are rich in iron, calcium, and potassium while also providing a good source of B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, and K. A powerhouse of an herb, nettles also help to build blood and restore the adrenal glands, which contribute to its invigorating effects.

Many of us have learned the lesson of the stinging tendrils of nettles – the hairs underneath the leaves and along the stem will leave a stinging sensation on skin contact. Don’t worry, this effect is inactivated when we cook with nettles, but do be careful when handling the fresh plant.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and that your spring season brings lots of beautiful green, fresh, nutrient-rich foods to your table. This vinegar takes 3-6 weeks to prepare, but will leave you stocked with a nutrient dense source to incorporate into marinades and dressings. If stored properly in a cool, dark cabinet, it should last for a year.

Nettle Vinegar

Adapted from the Herbal Academy


Dried Nettle
Note: If you do not have nettles in your garden or yard, you can always source low-cost organic dried nettles from our pharmacy.

Raw, unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar

Glass Jar
Note: Because vinegar can have corrosive effects on metal, you will need to use a non-reactive container such as a glass jar, ideally with a non-reactive lid. If you are uncertain if your lid will work, you can place a few pieces of wax paper between the jar and lid and it will be safely sealed.


Fill the jar 1⁄4 full with nettles.

Pour enough apple cider vinegar to fill the jar, ensuring all nettles are covered by a couple of inches.

Cover the jar with lid, or wax paper and lid.

Let it sit in a cool dark place for 3-6 weeks and shake occasionally. If the dried nettle has soaked up all the vinegar, just add some more vinegar as needed.

Strain and get creative with your batch of nettle vinegar.

*Dr. Denise Note:

Spring and summer are seasons for eating light—toss this vinegar with olive oil on greens such as early lettuce, mustard greens, and dandelion greens for a nutritive liver cleanse.

Elevate Your Health Goals with Nutrient Shots at Hill Park

Elevate Your Health Goals with Nutrient Shots at Hill Park
20% discount on Nutrient Shots through January!
What is a Nutrient Shot?

A cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants administered via intramuscular injection. Your body absorbs the nutrients easily so you feel the benefits.

What are the benefits?

Our physician-formulated nutrient injections meet a variety of needs: improved energy levels, mood and hormone balance, elevated athletic performance, enhanced fat metabolization, and more!


Improve sleep, mood, mental clarity, and metabolism.

Be Supreme

Super charge with B12 plus a variety of other B vitamins needed to feed cells and increase energy levels.


Restore energy with a blend of nutrients or get an extra surge when needed.

Clear Focus

Improve your mental clarity: Sharpen up before a lecture, exam, presentation, or project. Lift and alleviate mental fog.

Zen Master

Calm your body and ease your mind with this combination of B vitamins and amino acids.

Detox Boost

This two-part injection helps to stimulate the detox process and provides support to assist in filtering and cleansing your body of toxins.

Fat Buster

An amino acid and vitamin formula that aides to release fat from fatty deposits and enhance liver metabolism to rid the fats from the body.

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